Dos and Don’ts of Home Remodeling

A home remodel is an investment that will increase the value of your home and make it a more functional place for you to live. It can also increase the enjoyment you get out of your home. But before you start, it’s important to understand the dos and don’ts of remodeling so that your experience is as smooth as possible.

Dos: 1. Plan ahead

A good design plan can help keep your home renovations on track and prevent the need for reworking or relocating things. It also helps ensure that everything works together and flows smoothly. If you have a clear vision for the whole house, it will be much easier to visualize the overall look of each room as it’s being remodeled.

Dos: 2. Be honest and realistic about your expectations

Many homeowners underestimate the time that remodeling can take. A contractor or remodeler will want to see pictures of what you want and a clear description of the desired results so they can give you an accurate quote.

Dos: 3. Don’t neglect your safety

A lot of home improvement projects require heavy lifting, specialized tools and complex techniques. It’s a good idea to have a safety checklist so you can know what steps you need to take to stay safe while working on the project.

Dos: 4. Don’t skimp on materials

Investing in high-quality materials and appliances is one of the best ways to get the most for your money. It can increase the longevity of the materials and decrease the need for replacements or repairs down the road.

Dos: 5. Don’t be overly ambitious

While it’s tempting to try to do every aspect of a home remodeling project yourself, this can be risky and can lead to a frustrating and unpleasant experience. While you may be able to handle the simple tasks, it’s best to leave the more complicated jobs for professionals.

Dos: 6. Choose a professional builder/contractor

While hiring a St. Petersburg home remodeling company is an expensive option, it can often be worth the expense in the long run. Not only can a contractor provide guidance and advice, but they will be able to save you time and stress by doing the job right the first time.

Dos: 7. Match your style with the style of your neighborhood

While you want to reflect your personal style and taste, don’t forget that your finished product should match the style of the rest of your house. Adding steel appliances to a country kitchen or installing sliding glass doors in a rustic family room could look out of place in the neighborhood and not add the value that you are seeking.

Dos: 8. Don’t rely on your budget alone

When you remodel, you need to have a detailed budget in mind that covers all aspects of the project. This will help you keep your finances in check and avoid overspending, especially if something goes wrong.

Dos: 9. Don’t be overly optimistic

Whether you are renovating your own home or buying a property that needs work, it’s a good idea to be realistic about what changes you can afford and when they will take place. This way, you won’t end up with a remodeled home that you can’t afford to live in or doesn’t work as you need it to.

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